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Disclaimer and Copyright

Disclaimer of liability for content and services provided

Banco de Portugal maintains this website to enhance public access to information and services provided by the Bank across its different fields of activity.

The Bank makes every effort to ensure, as far as possible, that the information is up to date and accurate and to minimise disruption caused by technical problems.

Banco de Portugal reserves the right to totally or partially remove or discontinue this website, to change its structure or content, and to limit or restrict access to it, without prior notice.

The information on this website is provided for general reference purposes only. It is by no means binding in terms of dispute resolution. It does not constitute a professional or legal opinion, nor does it provide any kind of advice, recommendations, invitations or suggestions for any kind of banking service.

Links to other websites are provided, but Banco de Portugal accepts no responsibility or liability for their content, nor is it responsible for the privacy policies or practices of those websites or managing entities.

Furthermore, legal acts or other documentation available on this website are not guaranteed to exactly reproduce officially approved texts. Only the original publications and legal texts or documentation, as published namely in the printed editions of the Official Gazette, the Official Journal of the European Union or the Official Bulletin of Banco de Portugal are deemed to be authentic and are valid for all legal purposes.

Banco de Portugal does not accept any liability for loss or damage resulting from decisions made on the basis of information provided on this website or as a result of any misstatements, omissions or errors.

The Bank accepts no responsibility with regard to any problems occurring as a result of using this website or any linked external websites, causing any damage to the user’s software or hardware, including those resulting from the download of files accessible through such websites.

Banco de Portugal does not guarantee that the information provided on this website or on the websites to which it may be linked reproduces with accuracy original publications and media, nor does it accept responsibility for such information. Consultation or use of this website involves the full acceptance of the foregoing conditions.



Users of the Bank's website may make free use of the information obtained directly from it, subject to the following conditions:

  • When such information is distributed or reproduced, it must appear accurately and Banco de Portugal must be cited as the source;
  • If the information is modified by the user, this must be stated explicitly.


Use of the Bank’s name and logo

Banco de Portugal would like to clarify that it does not provide commercial banking services to individuals or corporate entities and that, in particular, it does not collect cross-border transfer fees or accept deposits from such parties, or issue any certificates for the release of funds. The Bank therefore advises the public not to establish contact with the originators of such ventures and not to send money or disclose bank or credit card details to anybody claiming to represent Banco de Portugal or have a banking relationship with the Bank.

Banco de Portugal wishes to point out that it cannot be held responsible if its name, logo or address is misused in schemes that are intended to defraud the public. Users that identify or receive questionable documentation that refers to, or allegedly stems from, the Bank, should report it immediately to law enforcement authorities or seek advice from Banco de Portugal.


Personal data and e-mail privacy

Users can browse through this website without giving any information about themselves. In some cases, however, personal information is required in order to have access to specific services. In such cases, data are collected only to the extent necessary to reply and are automatically processed under the responsibility of Banco de Portugal, in accordance with the principles and rules stemming from European and Portuguese legislation on personal data protection, particularly Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.

Users have the right to access and update/rectify their personal data, provided they submit a written request using any of the means of contact provided on this website. The above privacy and personal data protection safeguards cover the processing of data provided through this website by jobseekers or applicants for grants and traineeships at Banco de Portugal, pursuant to the law.

For more information, please refer to the data protection policy of Banco de Portugal.


Restricted access areas

Some pages of the Bank’s website are offered as restricted access areas, and access can be granted upon registration. Users shall observe the procedures and rules relating to registration and access to restricted areas. These procedures and rules are posted on webpages featuring services, applications and facilities with restricted access areas.


Linking to Banco de Portugal’s website

Banco de Portugal grants permission to create direct links to its pages. However, links must open in a new window and make it explicit that they are linking to the Banco de Portugal’s website, so as to ensure that this website (in part or in whole) is not erroneously perceived to be incorporated in any external website which links to the Bank’s pages. However, Banco de Portugal:

  • Reserves the right to ask for the removal of links to its website, if they do not comply with the Bank’s editorial policy;
  • Accepts no responsibility for links to its website, namely when they are out of date or no longer valid;
  • Accepts no responsibility for the reliability of files downloaded from its website via external websites.