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This area provides access to the various services offered by Banco de Portugal to members of the public.
Banco de Portugal ensures that the information received remains confidential.


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Accounts Database

Consult information in your name on deposit accounts, payments, credit and financial instruments.

Central Credit Register

Consult information on credit in your name.

Prohibition of the use of cheques

Consult information on any registrations in your name in the List of Cheque Defaulters.


I have lost my documents

Find out what to do if you have lost your personal identification documents.

Make a complaint about a financial institution or credit intermediary

Submit a complaint directly to Banco de Portugal if you believe that a credit institution, financial company, payment institution, electronic money institution or credit intermediary has acted inappropriately in selling retail banking products or services.

Exchange and buy money

Exchange coins and banknotes

At Banco de Portugal's cash offices you can exchange damaged banknotes. You may also exchange banknotes and coins for different denominations.

Buy commemorative and collector coins

The Bank's cash offices sell commemorative and collector coins (normal finish only), with the quantity of coins available conditional on the stock levels.


Money Museum

Discover the history of money and the most iconic pieces in Banco de Portugal's banknote and coin collection.

King Dinis' Wall

Visit the only known remains of King Dinis' Wall, classified as a national monument, and see the archaeological discoveries that put this discovery in context within the history of the city of Lisbon.


The library of Banco de Portugal offers the public a large archive dedicated to economics.

Historical Archive

The Historical Archive of Banco de Portugal gathers, conserves and divulges documentation of interest on the history of the Bank. It has a Reading Room that is open to the public.