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Order and purchase of publications

Publications are available at the Money Museum’s shop.


To order publications:


1. Fill the form below and return it, duly completed, to: 

or the following address:


Banco de Portugal
SECDC/Unidade de Imagem e Design Gráfico
Rua do Comércio, 148
1100-150 Lisboa 


2. We will contact you to inform you of the final price (plus VAT at the legal rate and applicable postage costs) and payment methods:


  • SEPA credit transfer, using the following indications:
            Beneficiary: Banco de Portugal
            IBAN: PT50 0035 0697 0056 7386 3394 0
            Invoice number (in case you have it)
  • A cheque, endorsed to Banco de Portugal, and sent to the aboved-mentioned address. 


3. Please send proof of payment, so that we may send you the publications ordered.