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The following are considered crimes:

  • currency falsification;
  • currency counterfeiting;
  • circulation of counterfeit banknotes and coins;
  • deterioration of legal tender banknotes and coins.

In Portugal, the Police (Polícia Judiciária) and Banco de Portugal manage three structures which together combat counterfeiting. These structures are:

  1. Gabinete Nacional de Contrafação: in Portugal, the Gabinete Nacional de Contrafação (National Counterfeit Office) is managed by the Police. This office coordinates investigations into banknote and coin counterfeiting. It compiles all information which might be helpful to the investigation, prevention and punishment of currency counterfeiting.
  2. Centro Nacional de Contrafações: the Centro Nacional de Contrafações (National Counterfeit Centre) is part of Banco de Portugal. It combats counterfeiting and promotes awareness of euro banknotes and coins, as well as counterfeits.
  3. Centro Nacional de Análise de Contrafações: the Centro Nacional de Análise de Contrafações (National Counterfeit Analysis Centre) is managed by the Police in cooperation with Banco de Portugal. This centre is composed of three laboratories (two in the Police’s premises and one at Banco de Portugal), which analyse and classify counterfeits detected in Portugal. These counterfeits are subsequently recorded in an information system managed by the National Counterfeit Centre.