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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan lays down Banco de Portugal's goals for the 2014-16 three-year period.


The Plan reflects the mission, values and vision of Banco de Portugal for the year 2020 and takes into account the developments at national, European and international level.

The results and analysis of implementation of the Plan will be released in the Annual Report: Activities and Financial Statements of the Board of Directors. 

The Broad Strategic Guidelines are intrinsically linked to the Eurosystem's mission statement, strategic intents and organisational principles, which reflect the strategy and overall operating framework of the euro area national central banks.

Broad Strategic Guidelines

Strategic goals

Financial stability in the European context

Assert microprudential supervision in the framework of the Single Supervisory Mechanism; Foster financial stability by deepening the scope and the analytical and regulatory framework of macroprudential supervision, in conjunction with microprudential and banking conduct supervision; Strengthen the Bank’s institutional capacity and expertise as national resolution authority, including in the context of the establishment of a European Single Resolution Mechanism

Effective and fully-fledged contribution to the exercise of its tasks as monetary authority within the framework of the Eurosystem

Ensure an influential participation in the Eurosystem and other fora where the Bank intervenes and excel in the implementation of monetary policy decisions; Safeguard and reinforce the Bank’s financial independence within the framework of the Eurosystem

Organisation and efficient management of resources

Strengthen corporate culture and match human resources to the Bank’s functions; Focus supporting departments on greater efficiency and satisfaction levels within the Bank

Fostering an open institution, respected by society

Contribute to a more informed society regarding the country’s economic and financial situation and the Bank’s activities; Reduce context costs in the Bank’s areas of activity