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Why Are Some Prices Stickier Than Others? Firm-Data Evidence on Price Adjustment Lags

J.M.C.Santos Silva
Daniel Dias
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Código JEL 
C41 - Duration Analysis
D40 - General
E31 - Price Level; Inflation; Deflation
Infrequent price changes at the firm level are now well documented in the literature. However, a number of issues remain partly unaddressed. This paper contributes to the literature on price stickiness by investigating the lags of price adjustments to different types of shocks. We find that adjustment lags to cost and demand shocks vary with firm characteristics, namely the firm’s cost structure, the type of pricing policy, and the type of good. We also document that firms react asymmetrically to demand and cost shocks, as well as to positive and negative shocks, and that the degree and direction of the asymmetry varies across firms.
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