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Matching Workers to Jobs in the Fast Lane: the Operation of Fixed-term Contracts

José Varejão
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J21 - Labor Force and Employment, Size, and Structure
In this paper we look at fixed-term contracts and examine the main features of temporary as opposed to regular employment, keeping the focus on employment careers and wage dynamics of workers employed under fixed-term contracts. Previous work found that fixed-term contracts serve as screening devices for employers. Here it is found that fixed-term contracts serve as search devices for workers, as well. Hence, they can be considered steppingstones to permanent forms of employment. However, if due to a job loss episode, a worker receives at some evolved stage of his or her career a fixed-term contract, there is an indication that both his wage and subsequent employment prospects are severely harmed.
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What Explains the Pattern of Labour Supply in Europe? , Kluwer Academic Press, 2005