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Conference on Financial Intermediation

07 jul. 2017 a 08 jul. 2017
10:00 - 17:00
The 7th Banco de Portugal Conference on Financial Intermediation will be held in Sintra, July 7-8, 2017. The Conference brings together academics and policy makers to present and discuss new research on bank regulation and financial stability.

Attendance is by invitation only.

The Scientific Committee for the Conference is Diana Bonfim, Luísa Farinha and João Santos.

Questions about arrangements should be addressed to Maria Soledade Sartóris to
Friday, July 7
09.45 - 10.00 Carlos da Silva Costa, Governor, Banco de Portugal
Session 1: Public Policy Interventions and Banks’ Risk-Taking Incentives
10.00 - 10.50 Monetary Stimulus and Bank Lending
Indraneel Chakraborty (University of Miami), Itay Goldstein (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) and Andrew MacKinlay (Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech)

Discussant: George Pennacchi (University of Illinois)
10.50 – 11.40 Monetary Easing, Investment and Financial Instability
Viral Acharya (New York University) and Guillaume Plantin (Sciences Po)

Discussant: Konstantin Milbradt (Kellogg School of Management)
11.40 – 12.10 Coffee
12.10 – 13.00 The Effect of Central Bank Liquidity Injections on Bank Credit Supply
Luisa Carpinelli (Bank of Italy) and Matteo Crosignani (Federal Reserve Board)

Discussant: Florian Heider (European Central Bank)
13.00 - 14.00 Lunch

Session 2: Designing Effective Resolution and Supervisory Arrangements
14.00 - 14.50 Hierarchical Bank Supervision
Rafael Repullo (CEMFI)

Discussant: Charles M. Kahn (University of Illinois)
14.50 - 15.40 Supervisory Incentives in a Banking Union
Elena Carletti (Universitá Bocconi), Giovanni Dell’Ariccia (IMF) and Robert Marquez (University of California, Davis)

Discussant: Lucy White (Boston University, Questrom School of Business)
15.40 - 16.10 Coffee
16.10 - 17.00 Bank Resolution and the Structure of Global Banks
Patrick Bolton (Columbia University) and Martin Oehmke (London School of Economics)

Discussant: Arnoud Boot (University of Amsterdam)

Saturday, July 8
Session 3: Drivers of Systemic Risk
10.00 - 10.50 Banks’ Liquidity Management and Systemic Risk
Luca G. Deidda (University of Sassari) and Ettore Panetti (Banco de Portugal)

Discussant: Wolf Wagner (Rotterdam School of Management)
10.50 – 11.40 The External Effects of Bank Executive Pay: Liquidity Creation and Systemic Risk
Robert DeYoung (Kansas University) and Minjie Huang (University of Louisville)

Discussant: Mark Flannery (Warrington College of Business Administration, University of Florida)
11.40 – 12.10 Coffee
12.10 – 13.00 Money Runs
Jason Roderick Donaldson (Washington University in St Louis) and Giorgia Piacentino (Columbia Business School)

Discussant: Douglas Gale (New York University)