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Communication on central bank statistics: unlocking the next level

Joint Irving Fisher Committee and Banco de Portugal conference 

19 and 20 September 2022, Lisbon 


Please be advised that, under the personal data protection legislation currently in force, the Banco de Portugal will capture images, sound and voice during the event you will participate in, with the sole purpose of disclosing it on the Banco de Portugal’s digital platforms.
The images, sound and voice obtained will be processed above by Banco de Portugal, acting as controller, solely for the purposes mentioned and cannot be given to third parties.
You may exercise your rights of access to and rectification or erasure of personal data, and your rights to object, to restriction of processing and to data portability at any time, by writing to

For further information, see Banco de Portugal’s privacy and data protection policy.


NB: Registrations to participate at the conference are closed. For further inquiries please contact: