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  1. Jan. 2003

    Employment Dynamics and the Structure of Labor Adjustment Costs

  2. Jan. 2006

    Market Power, Dismissal Threat and Rent Sharing: The Role of Insider and Outsider Forces in Wage Bargaining

  3. Jan. 2007

    How Do Different Entitlements to Unemployment Benefits Affect the Transitions from Unemployment into Employment?

  4. Jan. 2003

    Six Ways to Leave Unemployment

  5. Jan. 2008

    Unemployment Benefits and Reservation Wages: Key Elasticities from a Stripped-Down Job Search Approach

  6. Jan. 2004

    Oil prices assumptions in macroeconomic forecasts: should we follow futures market expectations?

  7. Jan. 2009

    Are ATM/POS Data Relevant When Nowcasting Private Consumption?

  8. Jan. 2017

    Boom, Slump, Sudden stops, Recovery, and Policy Options. Portugal and the Euro.

  9. Jan. 2013

    Foreign direct investment and institutional reform: evidence and an application to Portugal

  10. Jan. 2010

    Testing for Persistence Change in Fractionally Integrated Models: An Application to World Inflation Rates