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  1. Jan. 2004

    Oil prices assumptions in macroeconomic forecasts: should we follow futures market expectations?

  2. Jan. 2009

    Are ATM/POS Data Relevant When Nowcasting Private Consumption?

  3. Jan. 2013

    Foreign direct investment and institutional reform: evidence and an application to Portugal

  4. Jan. 2010

    Testing for Persistence Change in Fractionally Integrated Models: An Application to World Inflation Rates

  5. Jan. 2013

    Output effects of a measure of tax shocks based on changes in legislation for Portugal

  6. Jan. 2009

    On LM-Type Tests for Seasonal Unit Roots in the Presence of a Break in Trend

  7. Jan. 2010

    Time-varying fiscal policy in the U.S.

  8. Jan. 2013

    Catastrophic Job Destruction

  9. Jan. 2018

    Cross-border spillovers of monetary policy: what changes during a financial crisis?

  10. Jan. 1999

    The Optimal Mix Of Taxes on Money, Consumption and Income