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  1. Jan. 2009

    Local Identification in DSGE Models

  2. Jan. 2018

    Are asset price data informative about news shocks? A DSGE perspective

  3. Jan. 2017

    Boom, Slump, Sudden stops, Recovery, and Policy Options. Portugal and the Euro.

  4. Jan. 2010

    The Reservation Wage Unemployment Duration Nexus

  5. Jan. 2009

    A Simple Feasible Alternative Procedure to Estimate Models with High-Dimensional Fixed Effects

  6. Jan. 2003

    Founding Conditions and the Survival of New Firms

  7. Jan. 2008

    Do Reservation Wages Really Decline? Some International Evidence on the Determinants of Reservation Wages

  8. Jan. 2007

    Labor Adjustment Costs in a Panel of Establishments: A Structural Approach

  9. Jan. 2004

    Matching Workers to Jobs in the Fast Lane: the Operation of Fixed-term Contracts

  10. Jan. 2003

    Employment Dynamics and the Structure of Labor Adjustment Costs