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  1. Jan. 2020

    The importance of deposit insurance credibility

  2. Jan. 2020

    Banks’ complexity and risk: agency problems and diversification benefits

  3. Jan. 2009

    The Flexible Fourier Form and Local GLS De-trended Unit Root Tests

  4. Jan. 2020

    The DEI: tracking economic activity daily during the lockdown

  5. Jan. 2003

    Nonlinearities over the Business Cycle: an Application of the Smooth Transition Autoregressive Model to characterize GDP dynamics for the Euro-area and Portugal

  6. Jan. 2020

    Dream jobs

  7. Jan. 2020

    Intergenerational wealth inequality: the role of demographics

  8. Jan. 2007

    Relative Export Structures and Vertical Specialization: A Simple Cross-Country Index

  9. Jan. 2020

    The expected time to cross a threshold and its determinants: A simple and flexible framework

  10. Jan. 2020

    Forecasting tourism with targeted predictors in a data-rich environment