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  1. Jan. 2016

    Public debt expansions and the dynamics of the household borrowing constraint

  2. Jan. 2003

    Corruption, Credit Market Imperfections, and Economic Development

  3. Jan. 2016

    Forecasting banking crises with dynamic panel probit models

  4. Jan. 2009

    The Flexible Fourier Form and Local GLS De-trended Unit Root Tests

  5. Jan. 2009

    Back to basics: Data revisions

  6. 23 Sep. 2019

    Concluding remarks by Governor, Carlos da Silva Costa, at the conference cycle “The Economy and the Future” - "Management quality, governance and economic productivity"

  7. Jan. 2010

    The Instability of Joint Ventures: Learning from Others or Learning to Work with Others

  8. Jan. 2004

    How Does the Unemployment Insurance System Shape the Time Profile of Jobless Duration?

  9. Jan. 2015

    Decomposing the wage losses of displaced workers: the role of the reallocation of workers into firms and job titles

  10. Jan. 2017

    Zooming the Ins and Outs of the U.S. Unemployment