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  1. Jan. 2020

    Types of International Traders and the Network of Capital Participations

  2. Jan. 2019

    Sovereign exposures in the Portuguese banking system: determinants and dynamics

  3. Jan. 2019

    Trends and cycles under changing economic conditions

  4. Jan. 2019

    A reexamination of inflation persistence dynamics in OECD countries: A new approach

  5. Jan. 2019

    How Responsive are Wages to Demand within the Firm? Evidence from Idiosyncratic Export Demand Shocks

  6. Jan. 2019

    Into the heterogeneities in the Portuguese labour market: an empirical assessment

  7. Jan. 2019

    Testing for Episodic Predictability in Stock Returns

  8. Economics in a picture

  9. Economics in a picture

  10. Jan. 2009

    The Flexible Fourier Form and Local GLS De-trended Unit Root Tests