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  1. Jan. 2005

    Market Integration in the Golden Periphery - the Lisbon/London Exchange, 1854-1891

  2. Jan. 2011

    International organisations’ vs. private analysts’ forecasts: an evaluation

  3. Jan. 2011

    Managers’ Mobility, Trade Status, and Wages

  4. Jan. 2015

    A New Regression-Based Tail Index Estimator: An Application to Exchange Rates

  5. Jan. 2015

    Assessing European Firms’ Exports and Productivity Distributions: The CompNet Trade Module

  6. Economics in a picture

  7. Jan. 2011

    Structural reforms and macroeconomic performance in the euro area countries: a model-based assessment

  8. Jan. 2014

    Persistence in the Banking Industry: Fractional integration and breaks in memory

  9. Jan. 2011

    Assessing monetary policy in the euro area: a factor-augmented VAR approach

  10. Jan. 2013

    Characterizing economic growth paths based on new structural change tests