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  1. Jan. 2016

    Output and unemployment, Portugal, 2008–2012

  2. Jan. 2003

    The Careers of Top Managers and Firm Openness: Internal Versus External Labour Markets

  3. Jan. 2003

    Tracking Growth and the Business Cycle: a Stochastic Common Cycle Model for the Euro Area

  4. Jan. 2015

    Central Bank Interventions, Demand for Collateral, and Sovereign Borrowing Costs

  5. Jan. 2001

    Aggregation, Persistence and Volatility in a Macromodel

  6. Jan. 2016

    Understanding the public sector pay gap

  7. Jan. 2009

    Double Coverage and Health Care Utilisation:Evidence from Quantile Regression

  8. Jan. 2007

    Is Time Ripe for Price Level Path Stability?

  9. Jan. 2011

    Why Ex(Im)porters Pay More: Evidence from Matched Firm-Worker Panels

  10. Jan. 2008

    What is behind the recent evolution of Portuguese terms of trade?