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  1. Jan. 2016

    Monetary Developments and Expansionary Fiscal Consolidations: Evidence from the EMU

  2. Jan. 2005

    A macroeconomic structural model for the Portuguese economy

  3. Jan. 2010

    A Multiple Criteria Framework to Evaluate Bank Branch Potential Attractiveness

  4. Jan. 2009

    Evidence from surveys of price-setting managers: Policy lessons and directions for ongoing research

  5. Jan. 2002

    Business Cycles: Cyclical Comovement Within the European Union in the Period 1960-1999. A Frequency Domain Approach

  6. Jan. 2013

    Everything you always wanted to know about sex discrimination

  7. Jan. 2016

    Residual-augmented IVX predictive regression

  8. Jan. 2012

    Quantile regression for long memory testing: A case of realized volatility

  9. Jan. 2011

    Determinants of the EONIA spread and the financial crisis

  10. Jan. 2016

    Output and unemployment, Portugal, 2008–2012