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  1. Jan. 2014

    Persistence in the Banking Industry: Fractional integration and breaks in memory

  2. Jan. 2009

    How are Firms’ Wages and Prices Linked: Survey Evidence in Europe

  3. Jan. 2007

    Price setting in the euro area: Some stylised facts from Individual Producer Price Data

  4. Jan. 2010

    Extremal Dependence in International Output Growth: Tales from the Tails

  5. Jan. 2009

    Bayesian estimation of a DSGE model for the Portuguese economy

  6. Jan. 2003

    Nonlinearities over the Business Cycle: an Application of the Smooth Transition Autoregressive Model to characterize GDP dynamics for the Euro-area and Portugal

  7. Jan. 2011

    Rational vs. Professional Forecasts

  8. Jan. 2005

    Price setting in the euro area: Some stylized facts from Individual Consumer Price Data

  9. Jan. 2014

    Misallocation and productivity in the lead up to the Eurozone crisis

  10. Jan. 2007

    Characteristics of the Portuguese Economic Growth: What has been Missing?