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  1. Jan. 2002

    Business Cycles: Cyclical Comovement Within the European Union in the Period 1960-1999. A Frequency Domain Approach

  2. Jan. 2015

    A New Regression-Based Tail Index Estimator: An Application to Exchange Rates

  3. Jan. 2016

    Residual-augmented IVX predictive regression

  4. Jan. 2012

    Quantile regression for long memory testing: A case of realized volatility

  5. Jan. 2011

    Determinants of the EONIA spread and the financial crisis

  6. Jan. 2016

    Output and unemployment, Portugal, 2008–2012

  7. Jan. 2003

    The Careers of Top Managers and Firm Openness: Internal Versus External Labour Markets

  8. Jan. 2015

    Central Bank Interventions, Demand for Collateral, and Sovereign Borrowing Costs

  9. Jan. 2009

    Double Coverage and Health Care Utilisation:Evidence from Quantile Regression

  10. Jan. 2007

    Is Time Ripe for Price Level Path Stability?