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  1. Jan. 2017

    Goods and Factor Market Integration: A Quantitative Assessment of the EU Enlargement

  2. Jan. 2008

    International Fragmentation of Production in the Portuguese Economy: What do Different Measures Tell Us?

  3. Jan. 2013

    Mind the gap! The relative wages of immigrants in the Portuguese labour market

  4. Jan. 2011

    Modeling and Forecasting Interval Time Series with Threshold Models: An Application to S&P500 Index Returns

  5. Jan. 2005

    Analysis of delinquent firms using multi-state transitions

  6. Jan. 2015

    The Effect of Bank Shocks on Firm-Level and Aggregate Investment

  7. Jan. 2005

    SEAM: A Small-Scale Euro Area Model With Forward-Looking Elements

  8. Jan. 2013

    Everything you always wanted to know about sex discrimination

  9. Jan. 2017

    Disentangling the channels from birthdate to educational attainment

  10. Jan. 2010

    Fiscal stimulus and exit strategies in a small euro area economy