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  1. Jan. 2019

    What is the Impact of Increased Business Competition?

  2. Jan. 2019

    The Financial Channels of Labor Rigidities: Evidence from Portugal

  3. Jan. 2019

    Testing for breaks in the cointegrating relationship: On the stability of government bond markets’ equilibrium

  4. Jan. 2019

    The Neutrality of Nominal Rates: How Long is the Long Run?

  5. Jan. 2019

    Euro area fiscal policy changes: stylised features of the past two decades

  6. Jan. 2019

    The new ESCB methodology for the calculation of cyclically adjusted budget balances: an application to the Portuguese case

  7. Jan. 2019

    Modelling the Demand for Euro Banknotes

  8. Jan. 2019

    The transmission of unconventional monetary policy to bank credit supply: evidence from the TLTRO

  9. Jan. 2019

    Bank Funding and the Survival of Start-ups

  10. Jan. 2019

    From Micro to Macro: A Note on the Analysis of Aggregate Productivity Dynamics Using Firm-Level Data