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  1. Jan. 2015

    The Effect of Bank Shocks on Firm-Level and Aggregate Investment

  2. Jan. 2010

    Fiscal stimulus and exit strategies in a small euro area economy

  3. Jan. 2007

    The Forward Premium of Euro Interest Rates

  4. Jan. 2010


  5. Jan. 2011

    Choosing Between Time and State Dependence: Micro Evidence on Firms' Price-Reviewing Strategies

  6. Jan. 2010

    Evaluating the strength of identification in DSGE models. An a priori approach

  7. Jan. 2004

    Monetary Policy in a Currency Union with National Price Asymmetries

  8. Jan. 2008

    Impact on Welfare of Country Heterogeneity in a Currency Union

  9. Jan. 2012

    Market perception of fiscal sustainability: An application to the largest euro area economies

  10. Jan. 2006

    Earnings Losses of Displaced Workers: Evidence from a Matched Employer-Employee Data Set