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  1. Jan. 2014

    Financial Integration and the Great Leveraging

  2. Jan. 2011

    Is the World Spinning Faster? Assessing the Dynamics of Export Specialization

  3. Jan. 2010

    Nonstationary Extremes and the US Business Cycle

  4. Jan. 2010

    Fiscal Institutions and Public Spending Volatility in Europe

  5. Jan. 2010

    Exports, Imports and Wages:Evidence from Matched Firm-Worker-Product Panels

  6. Jan. 2011

    Asset Returns Under Model Uncertainty: Evidence from the euro area, the U.K. and the U.S.

  7. Jan. 2005

    Intermediation costs, investor protection and economic development

  8. Jan. 2011

    Banks’ corporate control and relationship lending: evidence from retail loans

  9. Jan. 2013

    Macroeconomic Forecasting Using Low-Frequency Filters

  10. Jan. 2006

    Excess burden and the cost of inefficiency in public services provision