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  1. Jan. 2010

    The Hidden Side of Temporary Employment: Fixed-term Contracts as a Screening Device

  2. Jan. 2008

    Wage and Price Dynamics in Portugal

  3. Jan. 2007

    Spatial and Temporal Aggregation in the Estimation of Labor Demand Functions

  4. Jan. 2005

    Household wealth in Portugal: 1980-2004

  5. Jan. 2012

    A wavelet-based assessment of market risk: The emerging markets case

  6. Jan. 2010

    Expectations-Driven Cycles in the Housing Market

  7. Jan. 2008

    Analysis of the Predictors of Default for Portuguese Firms

  8. Jan. 2005

    Consumption Taxes and Redistribution

  9. Jan. 1993

    Portuguese Prices Before 1947: Inconsistency Between the Observed Cost of Living Index and the GDP Price Estimation of Nunes, Mata and Valério (1989)

  10. Jan. 1996

    Convergence Across EU countries: Inflation and Savings Rates on Physical and Human Capital