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  1. Jan. 2001

    Financing in the Eurosystem: Fixed Versus Variable Rate Tenders

  2. Jan. 2009

    The Monetary Transmission Mechanism for a Small Open Economy in a Monetary Union

  3. Jan. 2002

    Should we Distinguish Between Static and Dynamic Long Run Equilibrium in Error Correction Models?

  4. Jan. 2008

    The Determinants of Portuguese Banks’ Capital Buffers

  5. Jan. 2006

    A disaggregated framework for the analysis of structural developments in public finances

  6. Jan. 2015

    Capital Regulation in a Macroeconomic Model with Three Layers of Default

  7. Jan. 2008

    Statistical Arbitrage with Default and Collateral

  8. Jan. 2004

    Neoclassical Investment with Moral Hazard

  9. Jan. 2003

    Forecasting Euro Area Aggregates with Bayesian VAR and VECM Models

  10. Jan. 2011

    The price elasticity of external demand: how does Portugal compare with other euro area countries?