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  1. Jan. 1996

    Convergence Across EU countries: Inflation and Savings Rates on Physical and Human Capital

  2. Jan. 2015

    Expectation-Driven Cycles: Time-varying Effects

  3. Jan. 2001

    Entry Mistakes with Strategic Pricing

  4. Jan. 2004

    On the Fisher-Konieczny Index of Price Changes Synchronization

  5. Jan. 2006

    Computing General Equilibrium Models with Occupational Choice and Financial Frictions

  6. Jan. 2012

    Systemic Risk Analysis using Forward-Looking Distance-to-Default Series

  7. Jan. 2017

    Who's who in global value chains? A weighted network approach

  8. Jan. 2010

    Tracking the US Business Cycle With a Singular Spectrum Analysis

  9. Jan. 2003

    Uncertainty And Risk Analysis Of Macroeconomic Forecasts: Fan Charts Revisited

  10. Jan. 2018

    Structural Changes in the Duration of Bull Markets and Business Cycle Dynamics