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  1. Jan. 2001

    Using the First Principal Component as a Core Inflation Indicator

  2. Jan. 2012

    Collateral Requirements: Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Macro-Prudential Policy

  3. Jan. 2002

    An "Art", not a "Science"? Central Bank Management in Portugal under the Gold Standard, 1854-1891

  4. Jan. 2010

    Labor Immobility and the Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy in a Monetary Union

  5. Jan. 2006

    Measuring export competitiveness: revisiting the effective exchange rate weights for the euro area countries

  6. Jan. 2004

    The Monetary Transmission in the US and the Euro Area: Common Features and Common Frictions

  7. Jan. 2008

    Impact of the Recent Reform of the Portuguese Public Employees’ Pension System

  8. Jan. 2003

    Why do Firms Use Fixed-Term Contracts?

  9. Jan. 2015

    Covariate-augmented unit root tests with mixed-frequency data

  10. Jan. 2010

    Measuring comovement in the time-frequency space