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  1. Jan. 2004

    The Locational Determinants of the U.S. Multinationals Activities

  2. Jan. 2002

    Hedonic Prices Indexes for New Passenger Cars in Portugal (1997-2001)

  3. Jan. 2011

    Housing Market Dynamics: Any News?

  4. Jan. 2008

    Determining the number of factors in approximate factor models with global and group-specific factors

  5. Jan. 2004

    Monetary Policy with State Contingent Interest Rates

  6. Jan. 2003

    Contagious Currency Crisis: A Spatial Probit Approach

  7. Jan. 2012

    Cohesion within the euro area and the U. S.: a wavelet-based view

  8. Jan. 2008

    Inflation expectations in the euro area: Are consumers rational?

  9. Jan. 2007

    Interpretation of the Effects of Filtering Integrated Time Series

  10. Jan. 2001

    Using the First Principal Component as a Core Inflation Indicator