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  1. Jan. 2018

    A General Equilibrium Theory of Occupational Choice under Optimistic Beliefs about Entrepreneurial Ability

  2. Jan. 2018

    Exploring the implications of different loan-to-value macroprudential policy designs

  3. Jan. 2018

    Credit Subsidies

  4. Jan. 2018

    Bank shocks and firm performance: New evidence from the sovereign debt crisis

  5. Jan. 2016

    A wavelet-based multivariate multiscale approach for forecasting

  6. Jan. 2005

    Unique equilibrium with single monetary instrument rules

  7. Jan. 2017

    International Banking and Cross-border Effects of Regulation: Lessons from Portugal

  8. Jan. 2017

    Modelling currency demand in a small open economy within a monetary union

  9. Jan. 2018

    Real Effects of Financial Distress: The Role of Heterogeneity

  10. Jan. 2005

    Time or State Dependent Price Setting Rules? Evidence from Portuguese Micro Data