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  1. Jan. 2010

    Calendar Effects in Daily ATM Withdrawals

  2. Jan. 2018

    Collateral Damage? Labour Market Effects of Competing with China - at Home and Abroad

  3. Jan. 2010

    The Effects of Additive Outliers and Measurement Errors when Testing for Structural Breaks in Variance

  4. Jan. 2015

    Unpleasant debt dynamics: Can fiscal consolidations raise debt ratios?

  5. Jan. 1998

    What Hides Behind An Unemployment Rate: Comparing Portuguese and Us Unemployment

  6. Jan. 2001

    The Survival of New Domestic and Foreign Owned Firms

  7. Jan. 2002

    The Match Quality Gains from Unemployment Insurance

  8. Jan. 2002

    Patterns of Entry, Post-Entry Growth and Survival: A Comparison Between Domestic and Foreign Owned Firms

  9. Jan. 2006

    Measuring the Importance of the Uniform Nonsynchronization Hypothesis

  10. Jan. 2003

    Coincident and Leading Indicators for the Euro Area: A Frequency Band Approach