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  1. Jan. 2013

    The sources of wage variation: a three-way high-dimensional fixed effects regression model

  2. Jan. 2009

    Adding Value to Bank Branch Performance Evaluation Using Cognitive Maps and MCDA: A Case Study

  3. Jan. 1999

    Optimal Executive Compensation: Bonus, Golden Parachutes, Stock Ownership and Stock Options

  4. Jan. 2000

    Why Should Central Banks Avoid the Use of the Underlying Inflation Indicator?

  5. Jan. 2000

    Labor Markets and Kaleidoscopic Comparative Advantage

  6. Jan. 2000

    Evaluating Core Inflation Indicators

  7. Jan. 2000

    The Estimation of Risk Premium Implicit in Oil Prices

  8. Jan. 2000

    Unemployment Duration: Competing and Defective Risks

  9. Jan. 2001

    Tenure, Business Cycle and the Wage-Setting Process

  10. Jan. 2005

    Forecasting Inflation Through a Bottom-Up Approach: The Portuguese Case