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  1. Jan. 2013

    Bank Capital and Lending: An Analysis of Commercial Banks in the United States

  2. Jan. 2013

    Macroprudential Regulation and Macroeconomic Activity

  3. Jan. 2014

    Fiscal devaluation in the euro area: a model-based analysis

  4. Jan. 2015

    Networks of value added trade

  5. Jan. 2017

    Upward Nominal Wage Rigidity

  6. Jan. 2017

    Labor market imperfections and the firm’s wage setting policy

  7. Jan. 1998

    On The Time-Varying Effects of Unemployment Insurance on Joblessness

  8. Jan. 1998

    Unemployment Insurance and Joblessness in Portugal

  9. Jan. 1998

    Earning Functions in Portugal 1982-1994: Evidence From Quantile Regressions

  10. Jan. 1999

    Closure and Divestiture By Foreign Entrants: The Impact of Entry and Post-Entry Strategies