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  1. Jan. 2014

    Global Value Chains: A View From the Euro Area

  2. Jan. 2012

    Competition in the Portuguese Economy: Insights from a profit elasticity approach

  3. Jan. 2013

    Competition in the portuguese economy: Estimated price-cost margins under imperfect labour markets

  4. Jan. 2018

    International trade in services: Evidence for Portuguese firms

  5. Jan. 2006

    An input-output analysis: linkages vs leakages

  6. Jan. 2010

    The EAGLE. A model for policy analysis of macroeconomic interdependence in the euro area

  7. Jan. 2010

    Global policy at the Zero Lower Bound in a large-scale DSGE model

  8. Jan. 2018

    Flexible wage components as a source of wage adaptability to shocks:evidence from European firms, 2010–2013

  9. Jan. 2008

    Improving Competition in the Non-Tradable Goods and Labour Markets: The Portuguese Case

  10. Jan. 2010

    A Wavelet Approach for Factor-Augmented Forecasting