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  1. Economics in a picture

  2. Jan. 2022

    Optimal cooperative taxation in the global economy

  3. Jan. 2022

    Business cycle clocks: Time to get circular

  4. Jan. 2022

    The Augmented Bank Balance-Sheet Channel of Monetary Policy

  5. Jan. 2021

    Markups and Financial Shocks

  6. Jan. 2006

    The Impact of Unemployment Insurance Generosity on Match Quality Distribution

  7. Jan. 2021

    Not All Shocks Are Created Equal: Assessing Heterogeneity in the Bank Lending Channel

  8. Jan. 2016

    The Effect of Quantitative Easing on Lending Conditions

  9. Jan. 2021

    Coworker Networks and the Labor Market Outcomes of Displaced Workers: Evidence from Portugal

  10. Jan. 2021

    Trade, Misallocation, and Capital Market Integration