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  1. Jan. 2021

    Spectral decomposition of the information about latent variables in dynamic macroeconomic models

  2. Jan. 2021

    Extensions to IVX methods of inference for return predictability

  3. Jan. 2019

    Tighter Credit and Consumer Bankruptcy Insurance

  4. Economics in a picture

  5. Jan. 2021

    The Role of Macroprudential Policy in Times of Trouble

  6. Jan. 2021

    Optimal Social Insurance: Insights from a Continuous-Time Stochastic Setup

  7. Jan. 2021

    Multivariate Fractional Integration Tests allowing for Conditional Heteroskedasticity with an Application to Return Volatility and Trading Volume

  8. Jan. 2019

    Time vs. Risk Preferences, Bank Liquidity Provision and Financial Fragility

  9. Jan. 2020

    Heterogeneous response of consumers to income shocks throughout a financial assistance program

  10. Jan. 2020

    To change or not to change: the impact of the law on mortgage origination