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  1. Approach to sustainability

  2. Jan. 2023

    A macroprudential look into the risk-return framework of banks’ profitability

  3. Jan. 2023

    Does green transition promote green innovation and technological acquisitions?

  4. Jan. 2023

    Mortgage Borrowing Caps: Leverage, Default, and Welfare

  5. Jan. 2008

    Analysis of the Predictors of Default for Portuguese Firms

  6. Jan. 2023

    Occasional paper on Stablecoins

  7. Economics in a picture

  8. Jan. 2023

    A single monetary policy for heterogeneous labour markets: the case of the euro area

  9. Jan. 2023

    Price elasticity of demand and risk-bearing capacity in sovereign bond auctions

  10. Jan. 2022

    Learning Through Repetition? A Dynamic Evaluation of Grade Retention in Portugal