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  1. Jan. 2020

    The short-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Portuguese companies

  2. Economics in a picture

  3. 13 May. 2020

    Press release of the Banco de Portugal on the Annual Report – Activities and Financial Statements 2019

  4. Jan. 2020

    An economic model of the Covid-19 pandemic with young and old agents: Behavior, testing and policies

  5. Jan. 2020

    Slums and Pandemics

  6. Jan. 2020

    The importance of deposit insurance credibility

  7. Jan. 2020

    The DEI: tracking economic activity daily during the lockdown

  8. Jan. 2020

    Banks’ complexity and risk: agency problems and diversification benefits

  9. Jan. 2020

    Dream jobs

  10. Jan. 2020

    Intergenerational wealth inequality: the role of demographics