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  1. 02 Mar. 2022

    Address by Luís Laginha de Sousa at the opening lunch of the ISEG Sustainable Finance course

  2. Pedro Portugal

  3. Ettore Panetti

  4. 30 Sep. 2021

    Address by Vice-Governor Luís Máximo dos Santos at the CIRSF Conference 2021 - The Financial System and the European economic recovery

  5. 15 Nov. 2018

    Opening address by the Vice-Governor, Luís Máximo dos Santos, at the Symposium "New challenges facing the multilateral trading system" of the Institute for Legal Research, University of Coimbra

  6. 17 Feb. 2020

    Opening address by Governor Carlos da Silva Costa, at the Joint Banco de Portugal, Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics and European Central Bank Conference

  7. 05 May. 2015

    Press Release of Banco de Portugal on the Annual Report – Activities and Financial Statements 2014

  8. 15 Sep. 2021

    Address by Director Luís Laginha de Sousa at the "ESCB: Towards a Green and Digital Future? - 2nd Webinar organized for SCECBU’s Trade Union Members": "Central Banks and Environmental Sustainability"

  9. 16 Oct. 2012

    Address by Governor Carlos da Silva Costa at World Manufacturing Forum - 2012: "Financial policy foundations for innovation and growth"

  10. 23 Sep. 2019

    Concluding remarks by Governor, Carlos da Silva Costa, at the conference cycle “The Economy and the Future” - "Management quality, governance and economic productivity"