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  1. 03 Jun. 2014

    Conclusions and Main Recommendations from the Economics and Research Department Evaluation Commission

  2. 29 Nov. 2013

    Closure of process for external recruitment of Head of the Economics and Research Department

  3. 12 Dec. 2013

    Clarification of the selection process for Head of the Economics and Research Department

  4. Jan. 2019

    Credit and the economy: lessons from a decade of research at Banco de Portugal

  5. 16 Dec. 2019

    Workshop: Reproducible Research and Modern Data Analysis: Concepts, Skills and Tools

  6. Jan. 2002

    The State of Portuguese Research in Economics: An Analysis Based on Publications in International Journals

  7. Jan. 2010

    A Tourism Research Agenda for Portugal

  8. Jan. 2011

    From traditional operational research to multiple criteria decision analysis: basic ideas on an evolving field

  9. Jan. 2014

    Labour Demand Research: Towards a Better Match between Better Theory and Better Data

  10. Jan. 2010

    Trends in Economic Research: An International Comparison