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  1. Jan. 2000

    Short and Long-Term Joblessness: A Semi-Parametric Model with Time-Varying Effects

  2. Jan. 2000

    Short and Long-term Unemployment

  3. Jan. 2002

    Exploring Transition Data through Quantile Regression Methods: An Application to U. S Unemployment Duration

  4. Jan. 2003

    Short- and Long-Term Unemployment: A Discrete Duration Model with Time-Varying Effects

  5. Jan. 2004

    Desincentive Effects of Unemployment Benefits on the Paths out of Employment

  6. Jan. 2005

    The impact of minimum wages on job flows

  7. Jan. 2011

    Worker and Firm Heterogeneity in the Determination of Wages

  8. Jan. 1987

    On the Distributional Shape of Unemployment Duration

  9. Jan. 2012

    Digging out the PPP hypothesis: An integrated empirical coverage

  10. Jan. 2014

    The politics of growth: Can lobbying raise growth and welfare?