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  1. Application for authorisation: Electronic money institution

  2. 04 May. 2018

    Press Release of Banco de Portugal on the presentation of the Annual Report for 2017

  3. Application for authorisation: Credit institution

  4. What is a payment brand?

  5. 09 Jan. 2014

    Retail Payment Instruments in Portugal: Costs and Benefits (study)

  6. 22 Oct. 2018

    Opening address by the Vice-Governor, Luís Máximo dos Santos, at the Annual Conference of the Association of Specialised Credit Institutions (ASFAC)

  7. 25 Jul. 2013

    Study: The social costs of retail payments instruments in Portugal

  8. Data protection

  9. 23 May. 2018

    Fintech +, the new channel on financial innovation from Banco de Portugal

  10. 28 Jan. 2002

    Communiqué of the Banco de Portugal on Changes in the Operating Rules of SPGT