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  1. compensação

  2. LUR - listagem de utilizadores de cheque que oferecem risco

  3. transição sem problemas

  4. Eurosystem/ESCB

  5. 05 Aug. 2013

    Board of Directors approves delegation of powers

  6. 28 Oct. 2003

    Press note on the entry into operation of the system for the exchange of electronic images of cheques

  7. 30 May. 2014

    Press Release: Annual Report – Activities and Financial Statements 2013 of Banco de Portugal

  8. 25 Sep. 2017

    Opening Remarks by Governor Carlos da Silva Costa at the Joint BdP and ECB Conference on Risk Management for Central Banks

  9. 22 Oct. 2018

    Opening address by the Vice-Governor, Luís Máximo dos Santos, at the Annual Conference of the Association of Specialised Credit Institutions (ASFAC)

  10. Monographs and series