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  1. Jan. 2020

    Deposit Insurance and Cross-Border Banks

  2. Jan. 2020

    An Encompassing Forward-Looking Approach to Increase Resilience in the Banking Sector: A second life for EU Stress Tests

  3. Jan. 2005

    Policies promoting technological innovation

  4. Jan. 2008

    The number of bank relationships and the cost of borrowing: an empirical study

  5. Jan. 2015

    Contingency funding plans

  6. Jan. 1992

    Prenotification of Impending Job Loss: From Voluntary Exchange to Mandated Benefits

  7. Jan. 2002

    Home-field Advantage: Location Decisions of Portuguese Entrepreneurs

  8. Jan. 1992

    An Econometric Analysis of the Economic Impacts of Hurricane Hugo

  9. Jan. 1993

    Backward and Forward Linkages in Manufacturing Location Decisions Reconsidered

  10. Jan. 1995

    The Survival of New Plants: Start-Up Conditions and Post-Entry Evolution