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  1. Portuguese Household Finance and Consumption Survey

  2. Jan. 2020

    Imputation of the Portuguese Household Finance and Consumption Survey

  3. Jan. 2020

    Banco de Portugal TARGET balance: evolution and main drivers

  4. Jan. 2016

    Public debt sustainability:Methodologies and debates in European institutions

  5. Jan. 2019

    The Deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union

  6. Jan. 2019

    Economic consequences of high public debt and challenges ahead for the euro area

  7. Jan. 2019

    Sovereign exposures in the Portuguese banking system: evidence from an original dataset

  8. Jan. 2019

    A tentative exploration of the effects of Brexit on foreign direct investment vis-à-vis the United Kingdom

  9. Jan. 2015

    Quarterly Series for the Portuguese Economy: 1977-2014

  10. Jan. 2009

    The Main Trends in Public Finance Developments in Portugal:1986-2008