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  1. Jan. 2023

    Occasional paper on Stablecoins

  2. Approach to sustainability

  3. Jan. 2020

    Occasional paper on crypto-assets

  4. Portuguese Household Finance and Consumption Survey

  5. Jan. 2022

    The Banco de Portugal balance sheet expansion during the last two decades: a monetary policy perspective

  6. Jan. 2022

    An economic estimate of capital stock at the firm level for Portugal

  7. Jan. 2022

    Modelling the financial situation of Portuguese firms using micro-data: a simulation for the COVID-19 pandemic

  8. Jan. 2022

    Climate change and the economy: an introduction

  9. Jan. 2021

    Assessment of the exposure of the Portuguese banking system to non-financial corporations sensitive to climate transition risks

  10. Jan. 2016

    Public debt sustainability:Methodologies and debates in European institutions