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  1. 29 Jun. 2012

    Press release of Banco de Portugal on EBA's recommendation

  2. 20 Apr. 1999

    Communiqué of the Banco de Portugal on the setting up of a joint venture with De La Rue Group for the production of euro banknotes

  3. 24 Jul. 2013

    Banco de Portugal encourages the migration to SEPA

  4. 18 Jul. 2014

    Biannual information on euro banknote counterfeiting in Portugal – 1st half of 2014

  5. 27 Nov. 2014

    Banco de Portugal releases indicators for 2013 on non-financial corporations from the Central Balance-Sheet Database

  6. 23 Jan. 2015

    Information on the counterfeiting of euro banknotes in Portugal in 2014

  7. 20 Nov. 2018

    Statistical Press Release – Economic and financial indicators of private non-financial corporations - 2017

  8. 30 Nov. 2018

    Press release of Banco de Portugal on the imposition of capital buffers on credit institutions identified as 'Other Systemically Important Institutions' (O-SIIs)

  9. 28 Oct. 2014

    Collector coin ‘35th Anniversary of the National Health Service’ and commemorative coin ‘The International Year of Family Farming’

  10. 17 Feb. 2015

    Press Release of Banco de Portugal on claims of Oak Finance Luxembourg SA over BES