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  1. Jan. 2013

    House prices, credit growth, and excess volatility: implications for monetary and macroprudential policy

  2. 17 May. 2012

    Seminar: Macro-prudential Policy in a Fisherian Model of Financial Innovation

  3. 11 Apr. 2014

    Seminar: Lending Pro-Cyclicality and Macro-Prudential Policy: Evidence from Japanese LTV Ratios

  4. 21 Apr. 2014

    Seminar: Macroprudential Policy, Countercyclical Bank Capital Buffers and Credit Supply: Evidence from the Spanish Dynamic Provisioning Experiments

  5. 10 Feb. 2015

    Conference on Financial Stability and Macro-prudential Policy

  6. 10 Feb. 2015

    Concluding Remarks by Vice-Governor Pedro Duarte Neves at the Conference on Financial Stability and Macro-prudential Policy

  7. 08 Oct. 2019

    Opening remarks by Governor, Carlos da Silva Costa, at the "Banco de Portugal’s 2019 Conference on Financial Stability"

  8. 04 Dec. 2019

    Press release of Banco de Portugal on the December 2019 issue of the Financial Stability Report

  9. 08 May. 2020

    Press release of the Banco de Portugal on the decision to postpone the phase-in period of the capital buffer for “Other Systemically Important Institutions”

  10. 17 Nov. 2017

    Concluding remarks by Director Luís Laginha de Sousa at the Joint ECB and Banco de Portugal Conference on "The use of narrative information in assessing the effectiveness of macroprudential policies"