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  1. Jan. 2021

    The impact of a macroprudential borrower based measure on households’ leverage and housing choices

  2. Jan. 2023

    Mortgage Borrowing Caps: Leverage, Default, and Welfare

  3. Former Board of Directors' Calendars: Luís Laginha de Sousa

  4. LTV, DSTI and maturity limits

  5. Jan. 2020

    The capital surcharge on banks offering ‘superdeposits’: An early example of macroprudential policy measure in Portugal

  6. What is this measure?

  7. Penalty on super deposits in 2011-12 was a precursory macroprudential policy measure in Portugal

  8. Jan. 2021

    Curb your enthusiasm: the aggregate short-run effects of a borrower-based measure

  9. Why did Banco de Portugal decide to implement the measure as a recommendation?

  10. Why has Banco de Portugal adopted this measure?