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  1. António R. Antunes

  2. 02 Dec. 2019

    Statistical Press Release – Public debt – October 2019

  3. 06 Jul. 2017

    Opening Address by Director Luís Máximo dos Santos at the 3rd Meeting on Financial Inclusion and Education for Central Banks of Portuguese-speaking Countries

  4. 04 Jul. 2019

    Keynote Speech by Luís Máximo dos Santos, Vice-Governor of Banco de Portugal, at the CIRSF Annual International Conference 2019: "Banking Conduct Supervision: importance and key challenges"

  5. 31 Dec. 2012

    Article by Governor Carlos da Silva Costa in Diário Económico Newspaper: The importance of strengthening European integration to ensure the success of the Portuguese adjustment

  6. 25 Sep. 2017

    Remarks by Vice-Governor, Elisa Ferreira, at the Joint BdP and ECB Conference on Risk Management for Central Banks

  7. 23 Oct. 2019

    Address by Governor Carlos da Silva Costa at the Governing Council Dinner - Farewell Speech in honor of President Mario Draghi

  8. 23 Sep. 2019

    Concluding remarks by Governor, Carlos da Silva Costa, at the conference cycle “The Economy and the Future” - "Management quality, governance and economic productivity"

  9. 30 Sep. 2019

    Press Release on the countercyclical capital buffer – 4th quarter of 2019

  10. 21 Jan. 2019

    Article by Governor Carlos da Silva Costa in the 100th edition of the OMFIF Bulletin: "Why we must complete banking union: Financial stability threats would hit citizens’ trust"