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  1. International Institutions

  2. 12 Nov. 2020

    Address by Vice-Governor Luís Máximo dos Santos at the CIRSF Annual International Conference 2020: "Banking conduct supervision: new challenges and prospects"

  3. 07 Jan. 2011

    Reorganisation of the banking supervisory function

  4. 25 Jan. 2016

    Address by Governor Carlos da Silva Costa at the seminar "Banking Union: The new frontier of financial regulation in the European Union"

  5. 14 Apr. 2021

    Article by Vice-Governor Luís Máximo dos Santos to "Views - the Eurofi Magazine": Unusual crisis, unusual measures, big challenges

  6. Authorisation for setting-up: credit institutions

  7. 06 Aug. 2013

    Publication of the 2012 Retail Banking Markets Monitoring Report

  8. Single Supervisory Mechanism

  9. 23 Nov. 2020

    Opening remarks by Vice-Governor Luís Máximo dos Santos at the AFI-BdP Virtual Member Training on Designing National Strategy for Financial Education and its Implementation and Monitoring

  10. 13 May. 2020

    Press release of the Banco de Portugal on the Annual Report – Activities and Financial Statements 2019