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  1. 22 Oct. 2018

    Opening address by the Vice-Governor, Luís Máximo dos Santos, at the Annual Conference of the Association of Specialised Credit Institutions (ASFAC)

  2. Oct. 2016

    Banking Conduct Supervision Activities (2016)

  3. 28 Apr. 2015

    Press Release of Banco de Portugal on the 2014 Banking Conduct Supervision Report

  4. 23 Sep. 2015

    Summary of the Banking Conduct Supervision Activities of Banco de Portugal – 1st half of 2015

  5. 16 Feb. 2017

    Presentation by Head of Banking Conduct Supervision Department, Maria Lúcia Leitão, at the Third International Conference on Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion: "Portuguese National Plan for Financial Education"

  6. Banking Conduct Supervision Report

  7. 06 Jul. 2017

    Opening Address by Director Luís Máximo dos Santos at the 3rd Meeting on Financial Inclusion and Education for Central Banks of Portuguese-speaking Countries

  8. International Institutions

  9. 25 Sep. 2018

    Presentation from the Chair of the Standing Committee on Consumer Protection and Financial Innovation from EBA, Pedro Duarte Neves, on the Conference on Banking Conduct Supervision: new challenges ten years after the financial crisis

  10. 17 Nov. 2014

    Initial address by Vice-Governor Pedro Duarte Neves before the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into the management of BES and GES