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  1. Suitability of members of the management and supervisory bodies and key function holders

  2. 08 Nov. 2011

    Banco de Portugal releases the final results of the Survey on the Financial Literacy of the Portuguese Population|2010

  3. Prudential rules

  4. 17 Nov. 2014

    Initial address by Governor Carlos da Silva Costa before the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into the management of BES and GES

  5. 25 Sep. 2017

    Remarks by Vice-Governor, Elisa Ferreira, at the Joint BdP and ECB Conference on Risk Management for Central Banks

  6. 05 Aug. 2013

    Board of Directors approves delegation of powers

  7. 09 Sep. 2014

    Press Release of Banco de Portugal on the distribution of responsibilities within the Board of Directors

  8. 06 Aug. 2010

    Results of the stress test exercise to Banco Espírito Santo and Santander Totta, SGPS

  9. 01 Jun. 2016

    Press release on the termination of service of member of the Board of Directors João José Amaral Tomaz

  10. 06 Jul. 2017

    Opening Address by Director Luís Máximo dos Santos at the 3rd Meeting on Financial Inclusion and Education for Central Banks of Portuguese-speaking Countries