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  1. 25 Jan. 2021

    Banco de Portugal participates in new BIS green bond fund

  2. 20 Jul. 2021

    Statistical Press Release – Balance of payments - May 2021

  3. 30 Mar. 2021

    Entities that are not authorised to grant credit, carry out credit intermediation or provide advisory services for credit agreements – Carlos Muacho Vilas, Maria Isabel Ramos Vilas, Ana Rita Ramos Vilas Lopes,Luís Ramos Vilas and C.V. – Gestão de Negócios

  4. 16 Jul. 2021

    Statistical Press Release – Statistics on corporations in the Central Balance Sheet Database – 1st quarter of 2021

  5. 13 May. 2021

    Commemorative coin ‘Portugal’s participation in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics’ will start circulating on 18 May

  6. 14 Jul. 2021

    Statistical Press Release – International banking statistics on a consolidated basis – 1st quarter of 2021

  7. 13 Jan. 2021

    The Banco de Portugal publishes a reporting template for financial entities operating under the freedom to provide services

  8. 31 Mar. 2021

    Press Release of the Banco de Portugal on the implementation of the macroprudential Recommendation in force within the legal framework of new credit agreements for consumers

  9. 24 May. 2021

    Entity not authorised to accept deposits or other repayable funds, grant or intermediate credit and provide credit consultancy: Reparadora RTD España, S.L.U. (Resolva a sua Dívida)

  10. 15 Mar. 2021

    Opening remarks by Governor Mário Centeno at the Joint Banco de Portugal and European Investment Bank Webinar "Investment, digitalization and green financing - The Portuguese case"