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  1. 28 Apr. 2023

    Press release of the Banco de Portugal on the 2022 Annual Report on Cooperation

  2. 07 Jun. 2023

    Entities not authorised to intermediate credit and provide credit consultancy: Escalas Sumárias, Unipessoal, Lda., acting under the designation AgrupaCréditos and Maria José Cardoso Lopes (tax identification number 179329600)

  3. 27 Mar. 2023

    Banco de Portugal publishes first report on climate-related financial disclosures of its own financial assets

  4. 21 Mar. 2023

    Report on Public Consultation No 8/2022 – The Banco de Portugal’s strategic approach to innovation facilitators

  5. 25 May. 2023

    Collector coin – ‘Miragaia longicollum’ will start circulating on 1 June

  6. 05 Jun. 2023

    Interest rates and amounts of new loans and deposits: statistical press release – April 2023

  7. 04 May. 2023

    Entities that are not authorised to provide payment services: Casa de Câmbio Bucariu Cália S.A., Mamadú Bucariu Djaló, Mamadu Djau, Falilo Balde, Bacar Jau e Mamadu Binane Balde

  8. #toptip campaign: Are you thinking of opening an account remotely? This information is for you

  9. 29 Nov. 2017

    Statement of Commitment to Foreign Exchange Global Code of Conduct

  10. 02 May. 2023

    Entity that is not authorised to grant credit, carry out credit intermediation or provide advisory services for credit agreements - “”