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  1. 11 Oct. 2021

    Opening Remarks by Governor Mário Centeno at the Banco de Portugal Online Conference on Financial Stability 2021

  2. Banco de Portugal and European Investment Bank Online Conference - Investment, digitalization and green financing: The Portuguese case

  3. 25 Mar. 2019

    Joint Banco de Portugal and IMF conference on “Portugal: Reform and Growth Within the Euro Area”

  4. 20 Oct. 2021

    Remarks by Director Luís Laginha de Sousa at the Euromed Webinar "What role for central banks in the crisis, from emergency decisions to green recovery?"

  5. 11 Oct. 2021

    Online Financial Stability Conference

  6. 15 Nov. 2019

    Banco de Portugal Conference: "The euro 20 years on: the debut, the present and the aspirations for the future"

  7. 17 Feb. 2020

    Joint Banco de Portugal, Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics and European Central Bank Conference: Bridging measurement challenges and analytical needs of external statistics: evolution or revolution?

  8. 03 Dec. 2018

    Banco de Portugal Legal Seminar: “The Reform of the Economic and Monetary Union: how to achieve it in times of division”

  9. 25 Sep. 2017

    Joint Banco de Portugal and European Central Bank Conference on Risk Management for Central Banks

  10. 21 Jan. 2019

    Joint Banco de Portugal and European Investment Bank Conference - Investment, innovation and digitalization: the Portuguese case