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  1. 24 May. 2000

    Introductory statement given by Governador Vitor Constâncio - Economic bulletin - September 2000

  2. 07 Jun. 2010

    Address by Mr. Carlos Costa on the occasion of his taking office as Governor of Banco de Portugal

  3. 12 Jul. 2019

    Address by Governor Carlos da Silva Costa at the Conference held by the Central Bank of Iceland: “Looking back and looking forward: How do we preserve monetary and financial stability?”

  4. 01 Feb. 2018

    Banco de Portugal applies macroprudential measures to new credit agreements for consumers

  5. 30 May. 2014

    Press Release: Annual Report – Activities and Financial Statements 2013 of Banco de Portugal

  6. Monographs and series

  7. 22 Feb. 2019

    Warning on easy credit granting practices

  8. Jan. 2000

    Historical series about portuguese economy after World War II

  9. balança de pagamentos

  10. síntese da balança de pagamentos