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  1. Jan. 2011

    The Behaviour of Domestic and non Domestic Banks in the Housing Credit Market: an Analysis Based on Microeconomic Data

  2. Jan. 2011

    Modelling the Evolution of Households’ Defaults

  3. Jan. 2012

    Systemic risk analysis and option-based theory and information

  4. Jan. 2012

    Systemic Liquidity Risk

  5. Jan. 2012

    Households’ Default Probability: An Analysis Based on the Results of the HFCS

  6. Jan. 2012

    A Scoring Model For Portuguese Non-Financial Enterprises

  7. Jan. 2013

    A Macro-prudential Policy for Financial Stability

  8. Jan. 2013

    Bank interest rates on new loans to non-financial corporations– one first look at a new set of micro data

  9. Jan. 2013

    Option trade volume and volatility of banks’ stock returns

  10. Jan. 2014

    Strategy and instruments of macro-prudential policy